Media (Il)literacies

Through this course I learned a lot about media literacies that I had not known about before, but mostly it refreshed my memory of the many negatives that come with the use of them.  For me it made me feel extremely guilty about the ways in which I use, more so abuse, these platforms that allow for media literacy on a daily basis. With that said from this course I learned 3 things:  I need to share less information online, I need to unplug, and I need to seek ways in which to dispose of my e-waste.

When it comes to sharing information online I do not share a lot of personal information; knowing that social media platforms (such as Facebook) have the ability to use all of what I post online is scary to think about.  While in high school, and my first years of university I would post ‘party’ pictures not thinking anything of it as they were ‘only shared with my friends’ but who knows where they could have ended up as they can be so easily spread once posted online.  Even though I deleted these pictures, and albums a long while back I still wonder if they were actually permanatly deleted.

Now to be sharing this information online you need to be active, which I have no problem doing so, it’s when it comes to unplugging I find it very difficult.  Everyone around me is always fixated on his or her cellphone, so I can’t help but be constantly checking mine.  Despite the world going on around me, I continue to aimlessly to see what’s ‘new’ and ‘going on’ even if it is 99% of the time useless information.  I hope to curb my addiction with social media when at work, and especially out with friends.  I find it incredibly annoying, and rude while out with friends, and they are on their cellphones (and I simultaneously join in).  So I hope to pass this view along to my friends, and actually enjoy quality time with them like when we were younger and none of us owned cellphones (to distract us from what really matters).

Lastly, as mentioned in one of the previous assignments I have several electronics that I have yet to dispose of.  Through the Pinterest assignment though I found so many ways in which I can dispose of my e-waste in the most environmentally friendly way, or ways in which I can help someone in need by donating my still usable electronics.  When refreshing my memory on the toxic chemicals embedded in electronics that are being disposed of  in third-world countries I think it is important to do my part in recycling mine, and making sure that family and friends are aware of ways in which they can participate too.



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