History of My Online Communication

Before the Internet came along communicating was rather simple.  I, myself would either just show up to a friend’s house uninvitingly (or vice versa), or I would call my friends via house phone; you’d have to state who was calling, and ask either your friend’s mom, or dad if your friend was available to talk.

With the rise of the internet though, these activities dwindled away.  I, along with friends were able to chat through text, or webcam, via Hotmail, and MSN Messenger.  Then came along a social networking site called Myspace; I shared a personal profile (with pictures, and text) with friends, and family that could later comment, and personal message on.

Looking back at these forms of communication though, there were a lot of restrictions, and privacy placed on them by my parents with concerns of safety, and whom I was conversing with.  As I got older though, and as technology advanced,  the restrictions, and privacy lessened; as Myspace faded with the rise of Facebook, I found I was making more of my own decisions in what I shared, and whom with.  With the creation of a Facebook profile my ‘friends and family’ base grew beyond what it normal was; I was now adding school peers, co-workers, acquaintances, etc.

To my surprise, my sharing base grew even further with the use of Twitter, and Instagram; these applications allow anyone using them to view my posts.  Although, my personal privacy has disappeared through the use of online communicating I still make it a rule of mine to only post, or say things, that I would in person.  Once you’ve posted, or said something over the Internet it is out there, and easily transferable.

Here is a link to my “History of My Online Communication” Storify…



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